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Bonjour deviant mind,

If you are here, you are considering spending time with Me and the prospect of potentially playing with a new fellow kinkster always prompts My mind to spawn fresh, devious plans... I am a French-Canadian, mature, bilingual Mistress. I am educated and cultivated, and I've traveled extensively. I am in My mid forties, all-natural, tattooed, tall and slim, with hazel eyes, and curly shoulder length locks that change colour with the seasons. I am know for My gaze. One look from These Eyes and you will fall under My spell and have absolutely no doubt about just how predatory I can be on any given day...

BDSM and the exploration of My own sexuality has allowed Me to open My mind and explore the boundaries of My needs and limits.  I wish to help others do the same, and have a bit of evil fun at the same time. My extensive work as a lifestyle Domme has particularly piqued my interest in chastity, corporal punishment, and medical play. While my expertise lies in those areas, our play is not limited to those activities, and the intensity will be determined by your consent.


Julie Claret About.jpg

Sometimes impressed, never shocked, I like to unearth your inner freak and set it free. When I'm in control of another person's body, the sensations I procure make that person hypersensitive. I connect very profoundly to the hypersensitive. That is when the real games begin.


Like after-care, I strongly believe that self-care is primordial to a healthy Domme/sub relationship. My journey has led Me to a place where I am very aware of needs and limits, Mine and others, and I cannot be bothered with other people's judgments and pettiness. Consequently, I am very open-minded and non-judgmental. In that respect, I am open to playing with people of any race, background, gender identity, sexual orientation, body type, and ability. All deviants welcomed! I want to explore the deepest, darkest corners of your mind with you, and see just how deep down the rabbit hole we can go.


I only play within the confines of safety, sanity, and very clear consent! Your safety and well-being, both mental and physical, are My main concern. I am a sensual Domme and will appeal to all your senses as you fall under My spell, and become victim of My tortuous ways. Dare to spend time in My company!

Mistress Julie ♡

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