•  ​1 hour: $300

  • 1.5 hours: $400

  • 2 hours: $500

  • Additional $100 per 30 minutes

  • Social outing: $100/hr

  • Touring rate: $300/hour

  • **Couples add $200 per session**​

  • **Women, trans folk, and disabled people welcome!**

*Minimum $100 deposit required for all bookings*

* Additional fees for space rental, and special equipment purchase or preparation



Come As You Are Wishlist

Purdys Chocolatier


Le Nordik Spa

***Note that I have celiac disease. Should you wish to bring treats to our sessions, please ensure they are gluten-free***



I love you all, but I'm a very busy Person therefore, I would prefer our exchanges be strictly about session scheduling and planning. And only via email or text messages.



I expect you to be impeccably clean and to smell as though you live in a soap factory, and if we planned on anal play, please clean your ass…unless you wish to receive an enema, which you MUST ASK FOR IN ADVANCE. Your breath must be as fresh as fields of mint! Any deviance from these instructions will result in punishment that you will NOT enjoy. At all. If intoxication by way of drugs and/or alcohol is detected, the session will end immediately, and I will keep tribute as compensation for wasting My time and disrespecting Me in such a manner.



I require a minimum non-refundable $100 deposit for all bookings. Tribute is non-negotiable, and I don’t give change. I don’t carry a petty cash so I expect you to have the exact amount agreed upon. Tips and treats are always welcome! Additional fees may be required for special requests, or if special supplies or location rental are needed. After we’ve exchanged pleasantries and gone over the events of the day, I expect you to place tribute in a unsealed white envelope, and in an area that is in view and obvious. There are no refunds or discounts if our session must be cut short for reasons that are not under my control. I may compensate you with additional time next time we see each other.


A minimum deposit of $100 is required for all bookings. Deposits are non-refundable but can be applied to a session rescheduled to a later date. All deposits are payable via Amazon gift cards, Paypal, Bitcoin, or Ethereum.


I will confirm our appointment 24hrs prior, and provide you with meeting details, and special instructions, if applicable. If you must cancel, please do so at least 24hrs in advance if you wish to apply your deposit to a session rescheduled to a later date. If you cancel less than 24hrs prior to our session, your deposit will be kept as compensation for the costs associated with planning for not meeting you.


I like taking pictures during My sessions, and I do NOT allow others to do so, except on rare occasions, and only when My face is NOT showing. I value My privacy. All scene pictures on My site, Twitter, Instagram, and Fetlife accounts are taken and edited by Me. Again, I value my privacy and yours as well, and I assure you that our faces will NEVER appear anywhere you wouldn't want them to show up. Unless directed otherwise, I will consider that I have your permission to immortalize some moments digitally.


All your limits will be respected at all times. I am risk aware and I will only play sanely, safely, and with complete consent from all parties. I always talk about limits at the beginning of a session and I encourage you to inform Me of any changes. Something that was okay last time might not be okay this time. And something that you swore off might suddenly be interesting. There's a saying in the BDSM world..."no" usually means "in 6 months". Limits should be an ongoing conversation.


I DO NOT offer full services. Asking repeatedly and insisting will result in immediate dismissal. I have many tricks in my hat and many tools in my bag that will ensure you leave my company quite content!

I also DO NOT under any circumstance, switch, offer roman or ruby showers, race play, no safe words, and consensual non-consent, or anything illegal. Don’t even bring it up.

Looking forward to our encounter!!

Mistress Julie xo